Garden Route Wedding Officiant & Councillor

Deon Joubert is a marriage officer and councillor in the Garden Route, specialising in intimate, meaningful ceremonies where you are involved in the arrangements.

About Me

“I was born to be me not a copy of you”

is the title to a song I learnt early in my life in Sunday School and together with the quote:

“Some people see things as they are and ask why, I dream things that never were and say why not?”

attributed to both George Bernard Shaw and Robert F Kennedy, has inspired me to help others realise their individual true potential of being a unique individual.

The circumstances we find ourselves in dictate the choices we make.

Which is why we often make wrong choices, never intentionally but as the result of the situations we are faced with.

We are all different. Each one of us has been brought-up in differing ways and circumstances, together with our different personalities each set of events in our lives is approached in uniquely different ways. It is as a result of this that we respond differently in differing situations.

Therefore some of us make decisions we regret. I believe in the inherent good qualities of each and every individual and do not believe that anyone is intentionally evil.

Most of us who say we have made a stupid decision always wish we had someone to bounce the idea off. Having someone to share allows us to talk through an issue and come make an informed decision.

Decisions we make impact the way we go forward.

They can impact negatively or they can impact positively. Obviously we would like to make decisions that impact positively all the time. They affect the way we are going.

Within each of us are all the tools and resources required to either change the way our lives are going or to make life changing decisions, improving our situations.

Counseling and therapy are important aspects of healing.

But they operate from the point of illness. The individual that goes for therapy or counselling has some form of pathological illness.

Coaching on the other hand acknowledges the past but is more concerned with the now and the future.

Coaching assists the client to get focused and take control of his or her own life and move away from a victim mentality to a victor mentality.

I am an ordinary guy and approach life and living in an ordinary way.

Life is simple but we make it complicated. We complicate relationships, we complicate our jobs, we complicate the way we do life. But the basics are available to all and we need to just discover the way with the resources available to us.

A Life coach is a professional facilitator and a change agent helping a client to find perspective and get to their own solutions which most of us already know. What prevents them from moving beyond their current situation are blockages like fear that prevent them from recognising it. That is where the life coach listens attentively to what the client is saying (verbally and non-verbally) and then asks the right questions and pointing the client in the right direction. This facilitation process of life coaching will bring the client to a point where the blockages can be overcome so he or she can tap into their suppressed inner possibilities of answers and solutions. The result is a client feeling illuminated and empowered because he or she arrived at the answer or solution all by themselves with some facilitation instead of having a professional tell them what to do.

There is a deep connection on a spiritual level with God and I rely heavily on His guidance through the power of the Holy Spirit. But I do not believe that as Christians we are to separated from this world. We are called in this world and it this calling in the world that has created some of the most chilling and cruel wars where as a result of our faith we have fought one another. Recognising the fallibility of human nature and its constant strive to greed.

My warm, charismatic and energetic personality with a keen sense of humour helps me to deal with individuals with empathy.

My tapestry of life experience founded as an aircraft engineering, through sales management, public relations, full-time ministry to production management has equipped me with life experience and exposed me to individuals from all walks of life. Neutral and non-judgemental, my primary role as coach is to facilitate a process that equips my clients with the self-understanding, skills and tools needed to make the choices and changes they know they want to but haven’t yet allowed themselves to make. These choices are made using the resources and support that are readily available to the client.

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